How We Work

In our opinion, renting equipment from a rental firm should be a seamless process from beginning to end.
We understand that our clients are extremely busy, and they expect a rental partner to meet their needs and expectations quickly.
With this in mind, we built our entire company on these values.

We take pleasure in our attention to detail, and we stock top-of-the-line sound systems from FBT Audio and others.
Our live production packages include state-of-the-art stage monitors, as well as tour-grade cables and connections, and can be customised to meet any show’s needs, with a variety of Front of House and Monitor console options.
Equipment Standards

At One Stage Technical , we put a lot of effort into how our equipment is presented; for example, all of our asset and flightcase labels are subtly branded to blend in with your equipment.

Every time our equipment leaves the warehouse, it undergoes our quality assurance processes, which include complete diagnostic and testing.

Get In Touch

Please get in touch with us and call on
01905 932574 or Email to discuss your requirements.

All equipment meticulously inspected

All equipment deep cleaned