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13A to 16A PCE CEE Form Connector Blue 1.5mm HO7RN-F (0.75 MTRS)

Duraplug 13A Fused Rubber UK Mains Plug – Black

A durable 3-pin, colour coded mains plug with polycarbonate bases and rubber cover.
Feature cord grip and blue/brown sleeved pins.
Rated at 13A and manufactured to ASTA, BS1363 standards.

1.5mm 3 Core HO7RN-F Rubber

Application: Designed primarily as a trailing cable for use in the supply of power for portable or mobile tools and equipment
Suitable to operate under light stress in dry or damp conditions.
Current Rating: 23 Amps
PCE 230v 16a Coupler

PCE 213-6x IP44 Splashproof Shark Connector
Screw Terminals
Housing Material PA6